Tematica științifică

Tematica științifică a Workshop-urilor SRCV 2019:


  • Bolile carotidei
  • Patologia aortei
  • Boala arterială periferică a membrelor
  • Patologia vaselor mezenterice
  • Chirurgia de acces pentru hemodializă
  • Patologie venoasă
  • Recuperarea vasculară
  • Piciorul diabetic
  • Update la ghidurile vasculare
  • Radioprotecție
  • Inovații în chirurgia vasculară
  • Sesiune de complicații: worst case scenario
  • Sesiuni interdisciplinare

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Romanian Society for Vascular Surgery

The Romanian Society for Vascular Surgery - RSVS is a professional organization representing the interests of vascular surgery as a specialty in its own right and of vascular surgeons as a professional body. The vision that animates SRCV is to facilitate for vascular patients across the country access to excellence diagnostic and therapeutic services, comparable to those of any country in the European Union. As such, RSVS mission is to support all the necessary steps to implement in all specialized units the protocols and diagnostic and therapeutic methods currently accepted in Europe.

www.srcv-events.ro will host all events RSVS will organize in order to fulfill its vision.